I am an executive coach, working with leaders and teams to improve performance and get results. I give people new insights, remove barriers to their growth and development and challenge them to commit to sustained learning and action.

Working with me is a journey…leaders tackle unexpected challenges, learn new things about themselves, experience tough moments and big emotions, but emerge stronger and more successful.


As well as one–to–one coaching with leaders, I also work with leadership teams to accelerate their journey to high performance.  I typically work with senior leaders in global companies or talented individuals identified as future leaders, and often work with people more than once during their career .. usually when they move to a new role or face new leadership challenges.

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Most of my corporate client relationships span several years and in many cases I have become a trusted advisor on all aspects of coaching and related people issues. My clients include Belron International, Autoglass, Bauer Media, Diageo, Deutsche Bank...

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“I appreciated her pragmatic, no nonsense approach”

—Jimmy Weir, CFO Hearst Magazines UK


Client testimonial

"The coaching I received from Nicola before I started a new role has made a huge difference. I appreciated her pragmatic, no nonsense approach and her insight into the different ways that we all work and relate. I learned new insights into how to work better with colleagues and found the simple tools she provided have stayed fresh after the coaching finished"

Articles: The divided brain

In this TED talk, psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist sheds new light on the roles of the right and left parts of the human brain. The common perception that the left side of the brain does reason and the right side emotion is not true - they are both profoundly involved in both.