Clients’ Experiences

Most of my corporate client relationships span several years and in many cases I have become a trusted advisor on all aspects of coaching and related people issues. My clients include Belron International, Autoglass, Bauer Media, Diageo, Deutsche Bank, Legal & General, UBM & Emap.

I typically work with senior leaders in global companies or talented individuals identified as future leaders, and often work with people more than once during their career.  My clients say that working me with me is an enjoyable and meaningful experience that produces tangible results .. hear how some of them have experienced our work together:

David Nathan, CFO Brakspear

"Self awareness underpins great leadership. Even if you believe you have a high level of self awareness, try spending some time working with Nicola. I am sure that her supportive yet challenging style of coaching will provide many insights and really improve your leadership ability."

Simon Machin, Executive Coach

"I worked with Nicola as a coach to help me develop my own coaching abilities.  She was a good choice!  Especially helpful was her experience of coaching across a number of organisations and the focus she brings to building on my strengths - I really appreciated her counsel and her patience"

Nigel Doggett, Regional GM Developing Markets, Belron

"Nicola really helped me during the first year in my new role, especially in understanding different priorities and thinking about new relationships. She asks incisive questions and creates the opportunity for you to think for yourself – this is great because it provides challenge as well as building self-confidence"

Jason Trout, COO World Trade Group

"I have worked with Nicola on a number of occasions and found her to be an awesome expert in getting the best out of me and my teams. She is a great listener and gets real cut through in short periods of time. If you need someone to challenge you, tell you the truth and improve your performance then Nicola can do it...with style, substance and total integrity"

Jill Kyne, EMI Music

"Working with Nicola has been both enjoyable and challenging. Previously, development discussions focused on what I needed to change, but with Nicola I really built an understanding of how I could use my strengths more effectively. We created an outcome-oriented plan of action and measured progress over time -  I am clear on the value I and my organisation gained from our coaching and I know the things I have learnt will stay with me"


Mark Placenti, ex Senior VP Marketing & Brand Development, Safelite USA

"Thank-you again for all the insight and help you provided during my coaching programme.  You really helpd me get to the root of my demons and - for the first time- I actually seem to be addressing them.  You have a great way of cutting through the BS in a constructive manner that inspires action"

Steve Miggo, Senior VP Human Resources, Safelite USA

"Thanks for all your help over the last six months.  It was very useful for me and I have definitely focused and accelerated my leadership journey with your excellent guidance and help.  I'm very grateful!"

Rolfe Deppe, ex MD, Autoglass Ireland

"Nicola has done an outstanding job in helping me understand and successfully manage some of the many challenges in my new role in a new country.  Her charming (but ferocious) focus on being really clear about the outcomes I wanted was the most valuable of a cluster of learnings coming out of our time together.  I unequivocally recommend Nicola to anyone facing a high-risk transition!"

Carolyn Park, Business Systems Director, Boots

"Working with Nicola was the most productive development opportunity I have had in a long time. She supported me through a promotion into a new job, putting particular focus on people and relationships and helping me to become a much stronger leader. She challenges and probes, but in such an enjoyable way - providing support outside the coaching sessions and setting stretching homework!"

Simon Davidson, Interim Supply Chain Director, Waterstones

"Nicola had a deceptively gentle approach that delivered great results. Thanks to excellent insights and tools, the learnings and new behaviours are easy to remember and apply afterwards. The wide experience and empathy that she was able to bring to bear meant that she built the coaching relationship quickly and it felt very much like talking to a close friend"

Julian Linley, Bauer Media

"When I was faced with an exciting but stressful job transition, Nicola’s guidance helped me to plan, make changes and deliver some really exciting results without completely losing my sanity!"

Russel Zimmerman, ex Group Operations Director, Belron

"Nicola is an exceptional coach. She has an amazing ability to help you see situations and challenges from an all-round perspective and ahs helped me to make better, more creative decisions and to skilfully influence those around me. If you are serious about self-improvement, you will find working with Nicola engaging, enjoyable and energising"

Caroline Fawcett, Interim Marketing & Customer Experience Director

"Nicola adds real value to individuals and their organisations. She does this by stimulating an in-depth analysis of people and their motivations. She then suggests a whole range of practical models and strategies to handle specific business issues. I found her support invaluable and will certainly use her again."

Rich Harrison, ex COO and Senior VP, Safelite USA

"I have been working with Nicola for several years, through a period of dramatic progress in my career (spanning roles in Europe and North America). She has been instrumental in helping me make such fast progress … her approach is practical, focusing on skills I will use for the rest of my career. Because of her, I am a much more effective leader and I would highly recommend her."

Andy Hey, Associate Partner, IBM Global Business Services

"My coaching with Nicola has been hugely valuable in helping me develop a deeper understanding of how individuals behave and think, and how these differences manifest themselves in the workplace. She also helped me better understand my own motivations and psyche; I have a clearer view of what I need to do to influence others (especially those whose brains are configured differently to mine) more positively.  Nicola's insight into human behaviour and performance really impressed me, as did her ability to show how such insight can be applied in work situations. I really enjoyed working with her; our sessions were both valuable and highly enjoyable!"

David Meliveo, Marketing Director, Saga Healthcare

"If change is the only constant in our lives and leadership is about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen, then I would describe Nicola as the perfect leadership coach. She won't tell you what you want to hear, but what she has to in order to really support you and push your performance to another level. She will challenge you, she will bring clarity and more importantly, she'll help you realise your own strengths to confront anything inside or outside your job. A year working with Nicola has truly transformed me."

Pete Lumsdaine, MD O’Brien Glass Australia

"Nicola's approach is a unique and extraordinary combination of coaching expertise, commercial insight and strategic thinking.  She combines this with honest, empathetic coaching and will provide an accelerated path to greater success to any professional who is serious about personal development and outstanding results"

Jimmy Weir, CFO Hearst Magazines UK

"The coaching I received from Nicola before I started a new role has made a huge difference. I appreciated her pragmatic, no nonsense approach and her insight into the different ways that we all work and relate. I learned new insights into how to work better with colleagues and found the simple tools she provided have stayed fresh after the coaching finished"

Jennifer Duvalier, ARM plc

"Nicola has been a real hit with the executives she has coached. She challenges in a way that is direct, but supportive and enables people to think more clearly and make better decisions. She is great at tuning in to an organisation’s culture and understanding how this impacts on individuals and teams. I would highly recommend Nicola as a coach"

Mark Hunt, Nazca Consulting

"You wouldn't dream of training for the Olympics without a top-flight coach, so why should this not apply at work? Being coached by Nicola has been a most insightful and beneficial experience for me. I feel that I am better equipped both at a personal and professional level and would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone."

Ajay Punatar, IBM

"Nicola has had a big impact on my leadership style. In a new role as Programme Director of a large team, her unique combination of insightful challenges, non-directive style, sensitive support and clear commitment to results made a significant difference to my performance. It also took me to a new level of personal awareness and effectiveness in dealing with people in all areas of my life"

Richard Wayment, ex Retail Operations Director, House of Fraser

"Nicola nurtures change by giving candid feedback and allowing you the opportunity to get clear about the 'what' and to practise the 'how'. She is very supportive and is good at both introducing new ideas and approaches and helping with pragmatic solutions. Her relaxed but focused style is great - I really enjoyed working with her"

Ralph Hosker, President, Belron Canada

"Nicola is an outstanding coach who has delivered tangible results for me, significantly improving my personal effectiveness with insightful challenge and pragmatic advice. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Carrie Barker, The Projects, Sydney

“Nicola helped me to manage a significant strategic change at work, coached me through a big personal change (promotion and move to Australia), and then helped me to prepare for my new role. I can't recommend her highly enough; she has an amazing ability to offer both strategic, business and personal support and plays it just right … knowing when to ask, debate or indeed tell. A very rare talent, thank-you Nicola!”

Steve Bury, Flogas UK

"Nicola has been an inspiration for me and my team. She enabled me to think and work far more productively, and significantly developed my leadership skills. I really grew as a person during my coaching programme, improving the way I work and communicate with people at all levels"