Coaching programmes

As well as one–to–one coaching with leaders, I also work with leadership teams to accelerate their journey to high performance.

Leadership coaching

Leadership coaching programmes are designed to deliver a measurable improvement in performance.

The programmes are uniquely tailored to the needs of the individual and their organisation. Leaders will get new insights, find new ways of developing, get clear about the actions they want to take and see better results.

I always start with a discovery phase which includes an understanding of the context, of the leader and their story, together with feedback and data about performance - this gives a clear direction for the programme.

The focus and content of individual programmes varies, but in my experience, coaching always provides new insights and often introduces thinking and approaches that people are still using years later.

“It took me to a new level of personal awareness and effectiveness in dealing with people in all areas of my life”

—Ajay Punatar


Transition coaching

Major job transitions can be a roller-coaster experience for leaders – with a high risk of derailment.

I often work with leaders who recently have been promoted to a bigger job and there is no doubt that the first few months of any new role are crucial in determining future success.

Transition coaching programmes focus on enabling people to make a fast start in changed circumstances. We address the adjustments the leader needs to make in the context of the organisational reality of the new role, including the politics, the culture and the expectations of their key stakeholders. We also consider the all-too-common risks and focus on the tasks that need to be accomplished in the first 9 months.

“I unequivocally recommend Nicola to anyone facing a high-risk transition!”

—Rolfe Deppe


Team coaching

I coach leaders and their teams together on team development programmes, often over several years.

The design is tailored specifically to the team and the circumstances, but working in this collaborative way, mixing behavioural and team process learning with work on real business issues, produces exciting results.

The work would typically start with building trusting relationships and getting clear about the vision and strategy. Working collaboratively, handling constructive conflict and making effective decisions are often next, together with the development of clear work processes. The ultimate aim is a truly high-performing team .. clear about their purpose; strong, trusting and collaborative relationships; excellent communication and focused on results.

“Nicola has been an inspiration for me and my team”

—Steve Bury