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As we work our way out of this recession, it's interesting to think about the beliefs and behaviours which have contributed to a widespread distrust of corporations and capitalism. In this HBR blog, Gilmartin offers a different set of beliefs for CEO's .. more in tune with the current environment.

He suggests that:

- businesses should focus on maximising value for society rather than shareholder value .. acting as agents of society.

- the market is not necessarily short-term oriented .. it looks positively on projects with long-term payoffs.  The challenge for CEO's is to innovate and to manage risk and uncertainty to create long-term value.

- purpose meaning and recognition are more powerful motivators than financial rewards.  People do work to earn money, but they work even more for meaning in their lives.

- actions addressing issues in society should be an integral part of strategy and operations, not separated as 'CSR'.

- the most successful CEO's are those developed inside the company .. but who retain an outside perspective.

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