I have worked as an executive coach since 2002. As well as one–to–one coaching with leaders, I also work with leadership teams to accelerate their journey to high performance.


My background is in strategy and marketing and I have an MBA from the London Business School. Before setting up my own coaching business, I was Strategy Director for the Belron Group, with responsibility for global strategy and executive talent. I draw on this commercial experience, together with my coaching expertise, to get really clear about the business requirements and also to understand what may be going on for the leader ‘under the surface’. My professional training has covered a range of techniques including gestalt, emotional intelligence and positive psychology.


I form deep, long-lasting relationships with clients, creating an atmosphere of strong collaboration and the possibility of change and working hard together to make that change a reality. I work in the context of clients’ jobs and organisations and spend time understanding as much as I can about them so that everything we do is grounded in tangible action for the business. I push hard and demand a lot, and for some people that might feel challenging, but I can help people to convert new insights into action – fast.

I believe in working with people’s strengths and I will offer feedback, observations and ideas to build those, and also to address unhelpful behaviours or patterns. I am honest, compassionate and have a good sense of humour: people feel stretched and energised through their work with me but also talk of the fun they have and the support they feel.



Leadership coaching programmes are designed to deliver a measurable improvement in performance.

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Major job transitions can be a roller-coaster experience for leaders – with a high risk of derailment.

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I coach leaders and their teams together on team development programmes, often over several years.

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...cutting through the BS in a constructive manner that inspires action

Mark Placentiex Senior VP Marketing & Brand Development, Safelite USA