Back to school

By 29th January 2020 No Comments

Back to school: Teaching resilience

One of my new activities this autumn is to get involved in the UK Resilience Programme, a government educational initiative to train teachers of 12 year-olds to teach resilience – an inoculation against the rising rates of teenage depression.

It is the UK implementation of a programme developed by positive psychologists at Penn University in the US. The series of 18 lessons, designed for year 7 kids, helps them to develop skills to deal with setbacks and difficult situations, both in and out of school.  It’s been piloted in Hertfordshire with extremely encouraging results.  The kids there talk very enthusiastically about how they are better equipped to deal with worries, are better at expressing their concerns, have learned some strategies and skills to enable them to bounce back from setbacks … and are generally coping better with what life throws at them.

Managing your own emotions, having courageous conversations, showing empathy … these are topics I discuss daily with my coaching clients, so as well as doing something to improve the well-being of kids, I’ll be learning how to teach very practical skills to build resilience, which I know I’ll be using in my coaching work with leaders and their teams.  I’ll keep you posted.