Learned optimism

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Learned optimism

I did a Positive Psychology course in the US in 2009 .. about understanding psychological ‘wellness’ and what it takes to have a fulfiling life. Working in a job where you play to your strengths is important for fulfillment and success.

Anyway, more of that later. While I was talking about all this with one of my clients recently, he reminded me of a great book, ‘Learned Optimism’ by Martin Seligman.

Martin was one of the founders of the Positive Psychology movement and in this book, he explains how optimism is an important skill and can be learned. He draws on the significant body of research that has been done to show that optimists perform better work, and are, on average, happier and healthier. Read it, it’s great … and if you’re interested in a wider view of Positive Psychology, get his other book as well, ‘Authentic Happiness’.

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